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Bilingual recruitment is changing, becoming sharper and more sophisticated. Linguistic skills alone are no longer sufficient to satisfy an ever more demanding business environment.

At the forefront of the bilingual and multilingual recruitment industry, French Selection specialises in selecting candidates who demonstrate a combination of business acumen, professional experience, language skills and a strong international multi-cultural awareness.

French Selection will often identify and select professionals and executives with previous experience of having lived, studied and/or worked both within and outside of the UK. Many applicants will have spent part of their education and/or professional career in another country. Our candidates' background will generally illustrate a proven ability to integrate and develop a good understanding of the cultural differences.

In the context of a rapidly changing business environment within European and Worldwide markets, all companies face exciting challenges, prospects and opportunities. More than ever before, an effective recruitment strategy has become a key factor in the success of any company & organisation.

Brexit: Why a second-language will put you at a serious advantage
With the UK now outside of the European Union, we could see UK businesses employing a great deal more multilingual employees to help with negotiations and trade with EU countries, particularly to facilitate closer relationships with EU-based customers and suppliers.

As a result we could see the demand increase for French, German, Italian and Spanish jobs, amongst other languages jobs.

French is currently the most in-demand language in the UK (50%), followed by German (47%) and finally Spanish (30%).

Some examples of growing demand for French, German and Spanish jobs, amongst other languages jobs:

French Jobs in The Pharmaceutical Industry:
The UK pharmaceutical industry is the 7th biggest industry exporting to France. GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche and other major players continue to lead the way in exports to France.

Administrator coordinator:
Pharmaceutical companies will be after French speaking administrator coordinators who can manage staff travelling arrangements, use CRM software and respond to incoming communications.

IT Support & Project Manager:
As a French speaking IT support & project manager you will be required to implement IT strategies into pharmaceutical companies, maintain company websites and identify emerging technologies.

German Jobs in The Automotive Industry:
Germany is currently the top export destination for UK cars, with Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and other foreign car makers are at the forefront of export operations to the country.

Export Sales Coordinator:
With growth in German car sales, the demand for export sales coordinators could rise. Car manufacturers will require skilled German linguistics to manage shipments, prepare export documentation, and liaise with transport companies.

Customer Service Officer:
Car companies will be looking for customer service officers who have excellent customer service, administration skills and can deal with enquiries in an effective manner on a daily basis.

Spanish Jobs in The Aerospace Industry:
One of the main leading sectors in exports to Spain is aircraft and associated equipment. UK aerospace companies will be looking to employee Spanish speaking employees who can build relationships abroad and have an understanding of cultural differences.

Sales Manager:
Spanish speaking sales managers will be responsible for introducing new aircraft products and solutions to clients while building profitable relationships.

Transport Planner:
Aerospace manufacturers will be in need of Spanish speaking transport planners who can effectively negotiate transport costs, assess travel plans and deal with carrier issues.

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