If you have the ability to speak fluent French, German, Spanish, Italian or any other foreign speaking language, you can pursue a language career. However, linguistic skills alone might not be sufficient to satisfy an ever more demanding business environment. Having lived, studied and/or worked both within and outside of the UK can give you a strong advantage to land a language job.

At the forefront of the bilingual and multilingual recruitment industry, French Selection specialises in finding candidates who demonstrate a combination of business acumen, professional experience, language skills and a strong international multi-cultural awareness.

If you have lived or worked in another country why not look for language jobs where you can continue to use your business experience and language skills. French Selection recruit across a broad range of sectors including Administration, Logistics and Marketing for French, German, Spanish, Italian and other foreign speaking language jobs.

If this fits your profile we would love to hear from you. Please browse our wide range of permanent language jobs across the UK.

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As businesses expand, diversify into other sectors and target products to additional countries, the need to recruit employees who speak the native language is critical. To ensure a smooth operation, organizations need professionals who can fluently interact with customers and/or suppliers without miss-communication or confusion.

A UK business expanding to Spain needs to be able to promote and communicate in Spanish, as well as communicate to other employees in the UK who may not speak the native language. In this case, we would look to recruit a Spanish and English speaking bilingual professional with relevant industry experience.

At French Selection, we offer a specialist language recruitment service to companies and organizations of any size. Get in touch to submit your vacancy.


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