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Why Spanish?

There are over 567 million Spanish speakers world-wide, with the language being the second most spoken in the United States alone. Spanish is also spoken in 21 countries across the globe with it being the official language in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Costa Rica. Multi and bilingual Spanish candidates can expect to find the door open to many roles and opportunities in a wide variety of countries. Spanish is also known to be one of the best gateway languages. As a candidate being bilingual with Spanish, and adding more languages will make you even more attractive in the international job-market.

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Working in the UK

With Spanish estimated to be the third most spoken language on the Internet, second on Facebook and Twitter, the ability to be able to understand overseas markets whilst still being based in the UK is a huge asset for any large business with international markets.

Working in Spain

Standing in 14th place in the world economy rankings, Spain's major industries include tourism, manufacturing's, agriculture and energy industries. Even with the financial crisis of 2008, in recent years the economy has seen growth. To sustain this growth, heavy investment into infrastructure across the country has seen a lot more employment opportunities.

If you're from the EU, you can work in Spain without a visa but upon arrival you must apply for a Foreigner's Identity Card, This enables you to open a bank account, get paid for work, paying taxes, buying properties etc. To work in Spain however you must secure a work permit, with this only being available to you once employment is confirmed. Non-EU citizens will require a work permit to live and work in Spain.

Why use French Selection?

With Spain's economy on the rise, job availability in both the UK and abroad in Spain is set to increase along with it. We, here at French Selection, have a variety of roles suited to our candidates needs. If you're struggling to match your previous experience and skills to an industry, you can upload your CV today and one of our team will be in touch to help you.

Our tailored experience ensures you can be confident in applying for roles bases around your interests and linguistic skills based on our recommendations.

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